IME helps you to publish your game in the Western market, either as a service company paid on fixed fees or as an equal partner working on Revenue Share or even Proft Share. Aimed at developers or international publishers who neither want to setup their own EU publishing team nor sign with a local publisher - to control their "destiny" or not to limit the upside - we offer three distinct advantages: 

1) Purely B2Byou are the brand, you own the store accounts & users 

2) Flexible Terms: We can work on short term contracts and either on Fixed Fees, Revenue Share or - in selected cases - Profit Share 

3) One-stop shop – you only talk to us and we manage all the different parts

Product Management

The PM is at the core of each product, managing the project to launch the game and all aspects of the game service in the local market. 



Marketing Management

We are not a performance marketing agency - we have great partners for that - but Marketing is so much more: From the positioning of the project, preparation of marketing texts, briefing of agencies and delivery of assets to partners we are managing the marketing process for you.


Our Team prepares Press Releases and distributes them to journalists. But modern PR is so much more: The voice of bloggers, Let's Players and Steam Curators carry weight for users buying decisions and need to be properly adressed. 

Community Management

The Community is the key to any successfull online game. Our CMs are in constant communication with players via Forum, Facebook, Twitter or the game itself. We develop great events and execute them to drive engagegement and revenue.

Media Partnerships

Apart from Affiliate and AdNetworks working with Media companies directly helps you reach new audiences. Often those deals work with revenue shares. We are not only in toucb with all the major players, but often have ready agreements in place for you to achieve the best dealterms.

Customer Support

Online and Mobile games are not only products, they are services. With increased competition it becomes more important to provide proper customer support, replying to users questions and complains via ticket systems. Let us handle that for you as it should be done - in the local languages and not just English.


Game Development is like rocket science - nearly unpredictable and hard to manage due to the fusion of technology, art, monetization and FUN. Our producers will help draft Milestone plans, review the progress and manage the production for you.

Localization QA

To run a game in a local market requires more than translation - culturization is needed. Many agencies deliver a text-book-translation that simply does not fit with gamers hearts and minds. We make sure your game is properly brushed up into German, English, French, Spanish and Italien.

Game Optimization

Online and Mobile games need to be constantly optimized to reach the maximum ROI. From the registration funnel to the paying conversion rate, the tutorial and retention numbers, all these affect the ARPU. Our Data Analysts will look at the details and our PM team suggest ways to improve.